Question 1: How do I book a wedding in St Michael’s Enniskillen or St Mary’s Lisbellaw? -

Phone the Parish Office (Mon-Fri 10.30am -2.30pm) to check if the date you want is available. Telephone (028) 66322075 (except Bank Holidays & Church Holidays)

If the date that you want is available, that date will be kept for you for 30 days. 

Within that time, download & complete the 'Wedding Booking Form' (click here). 

Return the Wedding Booking Form (signed by both parties) within the 30 days to the Parish Office in an envelope marked ‘Wedding Booking’. 

Printed copies of the Wedding Booking Form are also available from St Michael's Parish Office for you (or someone else for you) to pick up in person. 

When your form is received, you will be contacted by a parish representative. 

If the booking form, duly signed by both parties, is not received after thirty (30) days, please note that the church will no longer be specially reserved for you.

The church-law minimum notice for a wedding is three months. In practice, people usually give much more notice. 

Please note that St Michael's Crypt Church has capacity for about forty guests and is available for small weddings. 

The capacity of St Mary's Church, Lisbellaw, is approximately 200 guests. 

If one of you is not a currently-resident parishioner (or the daughter/son of a currently-resident parishioner) of St Michael's Parish, please note Question 14 below. 

If you intend to marry in St Michael's Church or St Mary's Church, please check all the questions from question 6 onwards below. 

Please pay special attention to Question 10