Question 5: We have no connection with Enniskillen Parish: could we avail of one of the parish churches for our wedding? -

Please see Question 18 on the FAQ in relation to having a priest for the day. This is a significant issue for our parish. We already have a high number of weddings from within our parish in relation to the number of clergy in our parish. So we strongly encourage you to bring your own priest.

In relation to Church Paperwork, please see Question 13 if you already live on the island of Ireland. If you live abroad, then please see Question 14 also. It is essential and it is your responsibility to ensure that your marriage paperwork is compiled by the priest of the place where you are currently a parishioner. 

In relation to Civil Paperwork, please see Question 11. We strongly advise you to phone the local office of the Registrar for Marriages to ascertain what is required from you for your weddings. 

In relation to making an actual booking with the parish, please see Question 1. Both parties must sign the form that can be downloaded there before sending the form to the parish office here. The postal address is given at the end of the form. 

In relation to the time of your wedding: please see Question 2

In relation to the essential Pre-Marriage Course, please see Question 12 if you live locally. If you live outside of the island of Ireland, you should enquire about this from your local priest.